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Fix the Bar Path on Your Deadlift with an RNT Set-Up

Keeping the bar close to you is vital for the success of your deadlift. Let the bar get too far away from your body, and you're increasing the difficulty of your lift, plus you could be putting more stress on areas like your lower, which is not what we want to do.

What we can do to fight the bar drifting on us and fix our bar path, is to use resistance bands to lock in our technique using an RNT method.

What is RNT?

Reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) is a way to use resistance bands to correct, optimize and cue you to perform movements in the best way possible. In the case of the deadlift, we can use RNT to keep the bar in tight, engage our lats, and ultimately clean up our deadlift pattern.

RNT Deadlift

Using this method accomplishes two things when deadlifting.

1- Keeps your bar path close

If you find the bar drifting away as you deadlift or do RDL’s, using a band can force you to pull the bar back in

2- Cues stronger lat engagement

Sometimes we lose upper back tension when we deadlift. The band keeps that cue front of mind. Plus if we can keep our lats engaged, our core will likely be more engaged as well

One important part of using this method is to use a band that gives you just enough tension where you have to resist the pull but not so much tension that it throws off your technique or overwhelms you.

How To Perform the RNT Deadlift?

  • Set your bar up near a rack or something you can attach a band to.

  • Attach a light band to the rack and place the band around the middle of the barbell.

  • Face the rack with the band in front of you.

  • Grab the barbell, roll it towards you, and get into your starting position

  • The band tension should be noticeable but not overwhelming

  • Brace your core and tense your upper back

  • Drive through the floor with your legs and stand up to a lock out position

  • Control the lowering part of the lift and repeat for your reps.

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