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The Snow Ball Workout

It's a Monday morning, and your alarm goes off, but you don't want to get up. Yet, your day and your workout beckons. This is one of those days when motivation is so low that you don't want to get out of bed and don't want to work out.

But it's a habit. So you head to the gym anyway, low on energy, low on motivation, low on bandwidth. Some days you have to just show up and put in a snowball workout.

What's a Snowball Workout?

Picture a snowball on the top of a hill. When you push it down a hill, it'll start gaining speed and gaining momentum. Soon it will be barreling down the mountain, gaining size the whole way.

This is the same approach that we can take with our workouts, especially on those days when we're not feeling 100%.

Start with your warm-up and see where that takes you.

The goal of these kinds of workouts is to build momentum like you're a snowball rolling down a hill.

If you feel things are going well, and you're feeling good, do the first exercise in your workout. After each set, reevaluate how you're feeling. If you feel good after your sets of that first exercise, move on to the next exercise. If you feel accomplished or are short for time, then cut it there.

Something is better than nothing, and this kind of workout keeps the ball rolling.

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