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5 Must Try Single Leg Landmine Exercises

If you haven't been using the landmine or an angled bar in your workouts, you're missing out on a versatile tool to add to your toolbox. While most people simply use it as a safer alternative to overhead pressing, the landmine has so many more uses than just the press.

Using the landmine, you can get an effective full-body workout. In fact, there have been several resources and programs that have been built solely around its use. Check them out here & here.

Here are 5 single-leg exercises you have to try with the landmine. These will add a new wrinkle to your training program.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This is quite possibly my favorite exercise to do no matter what tool I'm using. These split squats can be done either facing the side of the barbell or the end.

This exercise has a big emphasis on the quads, but you'll also hit the glutes, core and hips with it no matter which variation you choose.

Another benefit to this split squat is that if you're having any foot or toe issues, this typically eliminates that with the foot elevated.

Single-Leg Zercher Good Morning

Yea that’s a mouthful in naming an exercise. But what it does do is make for a killer glute and hamstring exercise.

Additionally, due to the path the bar takes wits the Landmine, you’re also getting some lateral push from the outside leg.

This further emphasizes the glutes and hip.

Zercher Reverse Lunge

Just like with the previous exercise, we’re emphasizing the hips and glutes, however we’re adding in a more knee dominant move with the lunge.

Single-Leg RDL

Looking to work your glutes and hamstrings hard? Single Leg RDL’s are where it’s at. Doing them with the Landmine happens to be my favorite version because the bar path is somewhat predictable

The single leg RDL can be done facing the end of the bar or facing the side with both giving different challenges based on where the load is.

Like the two zercher exercises, facing the side gives a bit more lateral push than if you faced the bar head on.

Split Stance Lumberjack Hack Squat in

While not a true single leg exercise, this split stance hack squat allows you to maintain balance while still putting the emphasis on the one quad.

These can also be loaded in two ways depending on the placement of the bar.

Either place it on the same side as the working leg, or on the opposite side.

Each one presents its own challenges but will still give you that quad burn you’re looking for.

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